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Lone Star College Portfolio Show Poster

When brainstorming ideas for the Lone Star College Portfolio Show poster, I inspired by the diverse group of creative students featured during the show. Since each member of class will be showcasing their talent, I thought it would be humorous to present the show like a collection of retro circus acts.

Below are photos detailing the process from concept to final product.

Best Poster Design

After studying old circus, sideshow and burlesque posters from the 1920s, I sketched up ideas on how to present all the students. Those preliminary ideas eventually were redesigned many times in Illustrator because of the high number of students in the class.

I wanted a sign at the top of the poster to look like a 3D metal lighted sign, which I was able to render in Photoshop using the 3D tools. I directed the photo shoot and used a effect on each student photo to make it appear as if they had been inked onto the poster and aged over time.   


The final poster was used by Lone Star College to promote the Portfolio Show, and it won Best Poster Design at the Student Art Show.

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