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Spending Spring Break at the computer

So, this is my first Spring Break during my second go-round at college. It's not the same. Let me tell you.

No trips to South Padre this time. (I did go once while I was in college and it was as awesome!)

This time, I have kids at art and gymnastics camp and a husband cleaning out the garage and putting mulch in the flower beds.

In between the trips I make to drop off and pick up kids and help in that flower bed, I have been working to polish up this portfolio to get ready to go back to work. I'm managing projects in my four classes and trying to fix up old projects, even some of the work I did a decade ago at Baker Hughes. Plus, I'm currently working on a major project for the Portfolio Show poster at Lone Star College, which has become an enormous amount of extra work. I'll give you a little sneak peak of the poster before the end of the week.

So Happy Spring Break! I'm happy to be doing this...seriously.

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