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New internship begins after Harvey

I'm finally starting my internship in the Designs in Print department at Lone Star College this fall after Hurricane Harvey tried to destroy everything. And that storm really did some damage here.

The storm hit days before my scheduled first day and the first day of the Fall semester for the college. After days of rain, the San Jacinto River flooded 80 percent of the buildings on campus.

The faculty and staff worked very hard to move as much as possible to the only dry building on campus. Classes began one month later than planned. And the Designs in Print department is now housed in the corner of a computer lab that functions as a classroom part of the day.

And no matter the little inconveniences, it's really going to be a rewarding experience. I've already finished up my first poster for the Kingwood Chorale concert next month.

I can't wait to post all my creations from my little spot in the corner of SCC 106B.

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