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PACN Gala Work

PACN (Pregnancy Assistance Center North) hired me to create several posters for their major fundraising event in April. The posters were organized into three groups as the gala attendees came down the hall toward the event. I intended each group to look like a cohesive collection by using a "paper" theme... but each poster in the group is unique.

The first poster stated a fact. I thought it would be interesting to present that fact like a clipping in a newspaper.

The second poster featured a fact about the PACN organization and what it's doing for the community. I also utilized baby photos from actual clients on this poster.

The third poster was a Bible verse. I wanted it to look like a handwritten note from God including an origami bird and a photo of one of the clients.

And the final poster was a quote or testimonial from the client, which I presented to look like a greeting card with a cutout.

The client reported that they were very effective.

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